programme for Platformers’ Days


The Platformers' Days have a comprehensive supporting programme in store for you. From live demonstrations of equipment in two shows for direct comparison, to exhibits and keynote presentations on alternative drive forms in lifting and height access technology, to the atmospheric networking night as a highlight halfway through the Platformers' Days, you can expect two trade fair days with exciting product innovations and the chance to exchange ideas with industry colleagues.

Please find below the programme items and times of the Platformers' Days 2023 in detail and note, the language of presentation in all formats is German.

Programme Items 2023

Official opening of the trade fair

The opening ceremony on Trade Fair Friday at at 12 noon in hall 1.


Direct comparison of platform technologies in the show "Tracked boom lifts" as well as "Telescopic boom lifts" in the outdoor exhibition area.


Electro-Park with PD Forum on alternative drive technology in hall 1.


A sociable exchange with colleagues from the industry at the end of the trade fair Friday in the atrium.

Official opening of the Platformers' Days 2023

From left to right: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marco E. Einhaus, Janina Hintermayer

Location: Electro-Park in hall 1

The opening ceremony took place at 12 am on trade fair Friday in the area of the Electro-Park in hall 1.

Following the official welcome by Britta Wirtz, Managing Director of Messe Karlsruhe, there was a keynote speech by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marco E. Einhaus (Technical University of Munich, Occupational Health and Safety), on the topic "Aerial Work Platforms - A Secure Elevated Workspace."

During this presentation, the topic of fall protection was vividly illuminated from the perspectives of both equipment providers and users, with practical examples. Providing a professional conclusion to the topic, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) contributed as the conceptual partner of the Platformers' Days with the keynote speech "Preventing Accidents" by Janina Hintermayer.


Location: Outdoor exhibition area

On an approximately 1,000 m² demo site in the outdoor exhibition area of the Platformers' Days, shows of the platform types "tracked boom lifts" and "telescopic boom lifts" will take place.

Show Tracked boom lifts

Visitors experienced five tracked boom lifts in live operation during two shows per day, showcasing their lifting and stabilizing capabilities, as well as their compactness and off-road capability!

Show Telescopic boom lifts

Live operation of five telescopic boom lifts – integrated into a show setting within the outdoor demo area! Each equipment technology convinced by the robustness and performance, compared directly in terms of off-road capability, reach, and leveling degree. The two demonstration sequences per day, in perfect interaction with the on-site experts from the five participants, provided a snapshot of the added values of the individual devices.

Electro-Park with PD-Forum

Location: hall 1

Trending topics such as electrification and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in companies, but can be challenging in everyday working life. Visitors could see for themselves the advantages of an emission-free working environment at the Electro-Park, which was located in the exhibition hall for the first time. Here, seven exhibits from six manufacturers and dealers were be impressively presented, and on each day of the trade fair, three participants of the Electro-Park gave an impulsive lecture programme in the so-called PD Forum. The two one-hour time blocks included three compact 15-minute keynote lectures on topics relating to alternative drive technology in the area of conflict between opportunities, limits and infrastructure - all from the perspective of their own machine or company.


  • "Off-Road Telescope – Work Platform with Electric Motor and Combustion Engine" - Jörg Majoli, AVANT Tecno Deutschland GmbH
  • "Böcker AK 48e – First Fully Electric Mobile Crane in Steel-Aluminium Construction" - Christoph Deuter, Böcker Maschinenwerk GmbH
  • "Klaas E-Concept – Mobile, Silent, Cost-Efficient" - Simon Küter, Klaas Service- und Vertriebs GmbH

PD-Networking-Night "Cheers & Beers" for exhibitors and their customers

Location: Atrium

As a sociable end to the trade fair Friday, the participants of Platformers' Days could exchange news, planned projects or industry trends at the subsequent PD-Networking-Night themed "Cheers & Beers" under the open sky and in the cosy atmosphere of the atrium. With tasting worlds from a local brewery in Karlsruhe, musical entertainment with a live band and DJ and the popular "Schnaps Taxi", this evening was the perfect end to a successful day at the trade fair.