3 May 2024

Concentrated industry expertise for Platformers' Days in Karlsruhe

Always keeping an ear to the market and a finger on the pulse of the industry: On 25 April, representatives from the three industry segments of Platformers' Days came together for the first time to discuss the further development of the trade fair.

"Our motivation for the newly established steering committee was to actively involve the industries in the development of the trade fair. I am delighted that we have been able to attract a panel of experts who can shed light on market trends relating to aerial working platforms, cranes and forklifts from different perspectives. In times of great market dynamism, we are thus creating a rapid transfer of knowledge," comments Olivia Hogenmüller, Team Lead at Messe Karlsruhe. "The steering committee plays an important role in developing Platformers' Days at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre in the long term and with a promising future," adds Beate Frères, Director at Messe Karlsruhe.

Newly formed steering committee meets for the first time

The committee consists of Henrich Clewing, Managing Director Merlo Germany, Jan-Bernd Schumacher, Managing Director Cramer Arbeitsbühnen, Ralf Gärtner, Managing Director Partner Lift, Sven-Meyland Nielsen, Managing Director BSI, Johann Poschner, Sales Manager Hubarbeitsbühnen Palfinger, Christoph Deuter, Sales Manager Böcker Maschinenwerke and Oliwer Sven Dahms, Managing Director Vertikal Events and strategic advisor to Messe Karlsruhe. The members will meet on a regular basis to provide strategic advice on the professional orientation of the trade fair in line with industry requirements, but also to contribute to the long-term development and quality assurance of Platformers' Days.

"The steering committee brings together a cross-section of people with concentrated expertise. The key factor in putting together the committee was to create a comprehensive picture of the industry in terms of supply and demand in order to meet the needs of our exhibitors and visitors," concludes Olivia Hogenmüller.


Platformers‘ Days Press Team