Dealing with the Coronavirus

The Platformers' Days are in the starting blocks and are waiting for a positive signal from the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. So far, the state government has not made any statement on the organisation of trade fairs, despite extensive lobbying for the industry. Trade fair organisers in other federal states such as Bavaria, Saxony and Hesse can already refer to guidelines. The federal and state governments had already agreed in early May that trade fairs are exempt from the ban on large events.

We at Messe Karlsruhe now hope that the issue will be discussed in the cabinet meeting on 23 June 2020 and that the trade fair world in Baden-Wuerttemberg and thus also the Platformers' Days will have planning security.

We are fighting tooth and nail to ensure that we can stage your industry event before the end of the year, because just like you, we know that trade fairs such as the Platformers' Days are indispensable as networking hubs, as a motor for your sales activities and as a means of imparting knowledge about the latest machine technology.

Personal contact is and remains the most important thing, because emotions are created when people meet each other and we would like to create a safe environment for this with the Platformers' Days as the only exchange platform for lifting and access technology this year.

Platformers' Days with "Corona handwriting"

The "face" of the Platformers' Days will certainly be different from the one we planned or wanted for the kick-off event at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, but a Platformers' Days with "Corona handwriting" is better than none. On the contrary: Especially now, in times of immense economic challenges, it is important to us to move even closer together with you and to act on the market with unprecedented flexibility. You through exciting and newly acquired sales ideas and we through the creation of a unique opportunity for direct industry dialogue, unique this year.

You too can continue to plan with the Platformers' Days 2020 - we can only succeed together!

We are looking forward to this meeting of the industry with all your market companions in Karlsruhe in September. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! If you have any questions or need support, we are available and happy to assist you. We always have an open ear for the topics and challenges that are currently affecting you in your daily work and if we can contribute to mastering them, please let us know! We are at your side!

Olivia Kollmer & Oliwer Sven Dahms

and your Platformers' Days Team

Measures for the protection of trade fair participants

Trade fairs such as the Platformers' Days differ significantly from other types of event in terms of the distribution of visitors in terms of space and, in particular, their duration. At trade fairs in particular, there are fewer people per square metre in the exhibition areas and this is spread over several days.

Managing the density of people is the central key to protecting trade visitors. Messe Karlsruhe will thus be able to enable trade fair participants to maintain the required minimum distance from one another and still pursue their trade fair objectives.

Ticketing will be an essential part of the future management and control of the density of people within the Platformers' Days.

Please note: The dynamic development of the pandemic situation does not allow for any reliable predictions. The FAQ's are constantly updated by Messe Karlsruhe in case of changes in the general conditions.

Date: 25.05.2020

Here you find answers to your questions:

We are currently firmly planning to hold the Platformers' Days from 18 to 19 September 2020 and are in close contact with the relevant local authorities and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing and its minister, Ms Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. In our industry associations FAMA, IDFA and AUMA we are making an overall effort to clarify the general conditions under which trade fairs can take place again.

We are currently developing an individual concept for each trade fair, which fulfils all the requirements of hygiene, distance and tracing of infection chains. The safety and health of all participants is our main concern. Of course, we will keep you informed about the measures to be taken, which will certainly change the "face" of the events.

In addition, we will keep you informed of our next steps and the results of our work via all the channels available to us, such as e-mail, website, social media (Xing, facebook, YouTube) and, of course, personally on the phone, so that we can provide planning security for the Platformers' Days as quickly as possible.

Trade visitors can only obtain their tickets in advance via the Online Ticket Shop on the Website: either by purchasing the ticket or by redeeming a guest ticket sent by the exhibitor. The ticket is then only valid for a specified day of the fair (Friday or Saturday). Permanent tickets will no longer be available. However, it will be possible to visit the fair on both days. For this purpose, it is necessary to register for each desired day of visit..

Ticket sales on site will not be offered.

From now on, all participants of the trade fair are subject to full registration during the trade fair. This means: The essential personal data must already be provided during the online registration. This applies to all visitors, exhibitors, media representatives, employees, service providers and VIPs.

A maximum number of visitors per day of the fair is already determined in advance. The number is determined by the size of the fair, the number of stand personnel and the duration of the event. Visitor peaks on individual days of the fair are avoided, an even distribution of visitors over the duration of the fair is thus ensured and a distance regulation can be achieved very well.

In addition, the Platformers' Days concept provides for actively controlled visitor guidance by means of a round trip concept. The recommended direction of travel is indicated by digital and haptic signage used on site and by floor markings.

For your protection on site

Consistent compliance with the applicable hygiene rules forms the basis for the Platformers' Days. Messe Karlsruhe is in constant close contact with the health authorities. Recommendations and instructions of the authorities are implemented.

Messe Karlsruhe will take the following hygiene precautions to prevent transmission in addition to, for example, hand disinfection dispensers set up throughout the exhibition grounds:

  • The entrance concept provides for a separate entrance area, which means that the density of persons can be equalized by using two entrance gates.
  • To ensure compliance with the currently applicable minimum distance of 1.50 m between persons, floor markings, room dividers, barriers and traffic light systems will be used.
  • The aisle dimensions in the "peak exhibition areas" of the open-air site will be min. 6 and max. 8 m.

Partitions made of glass or plastic are used for all counters used on the exhibition grounds, including info counters, press counters, exhibitor service counters, counters in the exhibition management, etc..

An integral part of the trade fair concept of the Platformers' Days is the full-catering concept that applies to all trade fair participants, which we intend to continue to adhere to to the extent that we have been living up to now. The day ticket includes catering of all food and beverages. According to the current status, the transfer of the protective measures of all trade fair participants to the catering on site is as follows:

  • Extension of the exhibition area by generous catering areas in order to be able to guarantee sufficient space capacities for seating and food production facilities in accordance with the applicable distance regulations.
  • The catering contract partner of Messe Karlsruhe, which already implements and practises the catering arrangements defined by the state governments of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hessen, will transfer these to the Platformers' Days trade fair concept and incorporate the practical experience already gained after the guidelines for Baden-Württemberg have been announced.

Until further notice, no more stand parties are permitted during the trade fair, as the required distance regulations cannot be sensibly enforced. At present, the Messe Karlsruhe is investigating various possibilities for implementing the network evening on the Friday of the trade fair, which is firmly established and valued in the trade fair concept, using the aforementioned protective measures with a new concept.

Increased cleaning cycles using special disinfectant detergents for sanitary facilities, catering areas and contact surfaces that are particularly conducive to transmission (e.g. door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, EC machine, frequently used surfaces)

  • High density of hand washing facilities for visitors and exhibitors in all exhibition areas (outdoor and indoor)
  • Ensuring good ventilation of the hall area by central operation control of the ventilation systems.
  • Constant information and invitation to all trade fair participants to observe the necessary rules of conduct.