Dealing with the Coronavirus

The Platformers' Days are looking forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors to the long-awaited debut from 10 to 11 September 2021 at the new location - Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre - and to enabling direct exchange between suppliers, customers and market companions after two years.

We are currently firmly planning the Platformers' Days as a live event and hope that the industry will then finally be able to meet in person again, network and compare machines and systems live in action. Until then, we would like to offer you the greatest possible planning security. Transparency, open cooperation and our common health are our top priorities.

For this reason, we provide you with information on the hygiene and safety concept and summarise the most important specifications of the authorities for you. The information is based on the current version of the Regulation for Trade Fairs of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg from 15 July 2020.

As soon as the dynamic development allows new findings and new requirements of the authorities are available, we will inform you here.

Of course, we are also there for you personally.

Get in touch anytime!

Take care and stay healthy!

Olivia Kollmer & Oliwer Sven Dahms

Subject to changes / As of 1 March 2021

Here you find answers to your questions:

We are currently planning to hold the Platformers' Days on September 10-11, 2021, and are in close contact with the relevant local authorities and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing and its minister, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. In our industry associations FAMA, IDFA and AUMA, we are working across the board to clarify the framework conditions under which trade fairs can be held again. We are currently developing an individual concept for each trade show that meets all the requirements of hygiene, distance and tracking of infection chains. Our main focus is on the safety and health of all participants. We will, of course, keep you informed about measures to be taken in this context, which will certainly change the "face" of the events.

In addition, we will inform you about our further steps via all channels available to us, such as e-mail, website, social media (Xing, facebook, YouTube) and, of course, personally on the phone, in order to be able to provide planning certainty as quickly as possible with regard to the implementation of the Platformers' Days.

  • Generous layout planning: Extension of the aisle widths in the hall area to 5 metres and in the outdoor area to 8 metres
  • Modified entrance system with separate passage sluices for visitors and exhibitors as well as the use of wing instead of regular revolving drum doors (reduction of contact surfaces)
  • Pre-registration of all participants online: to prevent queues in the entrance area and permanent monito-ring of the number of people on the exhibition grounds
  • Guidance system with floor markings for active visitor guidance and compliance with the distance regulations (the aisles in the outdoor and indoor areas are right-hand traffic, and carpet tiles and aisle markers help to identify the lanes)
  • In forums and conference rooms, the minimum distance between participants is taken into account through generous planning
  • Good ventilation with fresh air supply in the hall area is ensured by modern ventilation systems, which are operated with the highest possible proportion of fresh air and the lowest possible proportion of circulating air. In addition, the room air is increasingly replaced by fresh outside air.
  • Upgrade of permanently installed furniture (counters, information desks) with e.g. plexiglas panels
  • Announcements also in the open air: sound reinforcement via sound technology at the action areas/sample construction sites
  • Illustration of several decentralised gastronomic bases in the open-air areas
  • Additional provision of numerous disinfection options as well as increased cleaning cycles throughout the exhibition grounds (more information under " What cleaning measures are taken?")
  • Trained employees, so-called "Safe-Expo-Guides", ensure during assembly and dismantling as well as during the event that the measures listed in the protection and hygiene concept are observed on site. At the same time, they signal to all those involved that compliance with the rules is taken seriously and are available to answer any questions.

Scenario during pandemic stage 3 (currently valid in Baden-Wuerttemberg)

In the currently applicable pandemic level 3, a mandatory fever measurement in the entrance area is required as an additional measure. This can be guaranteed by appropriately trained staff of the German Red Cross, which is available to the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre.

The Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre is in constant close contact with the health authorities. Recommendations and instructions from the authorities are implemented as soon as they are available.

Increased cleaning and disinfection measures and intervals are carried out on the entire Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre. This includes:

  • Regular cleaning cycles of all contact surfaces such as handrails, door handles, lifts incl. operating buttons, ATMs, exhibition management, information counters and cloakroom counters
  • Waste disposal: Every 30 minutes the waste containers are checked and, if necessary, emptied.
  • Hand hygiene: Sufficient disinfection stands and mobile hand basins are placed on the entire area occupied by Platformers' Days (hall and outdoor area).
  • Sanitary facilities: The toilet facilities in the hall area or the mobile sanitary facilities in the open-air areas are cleaned frequently (at least every two hours) with sanitary cleaners containing surfactants and acids in accordance with the valid protection and hygiene regulations. These areas may only be used simultaneously by the number of people indicated on the doors. Personnel employed on site are instructed to ensure this.
  • Use of lifts: Lifts may only be used by one person at a time.

These figures are dependent on the current pandemic stage of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the associated regulations.

Scenario during pandemic level 3 (currently valid in Baden-Wuerttemberg)

Persons over the age of six are obliged to wear a non-medical everyday mask or a comparable mouth-and-nose cover on the entire exhibition grounds..

Scenario during pandemic stage 1 or 2

If the regulations for pandemic stage 1 or 2 take effect at the time of the trade fair, according to the Baden-Wuerttemberg state government, a non-medical everyday mask or a comparable mouth-and-nose cover must be worn only during the stay in closed rooms of the Platformers' Days (hall area or in mobile hall structures such as pavilions or tents in the open air).

This obligation (regardless of the pandemic level) does not exist:

1. If this is unreasonable for medical or other compelling reasons.

2. If it is ensured at the exhibition stands that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained.

3. If catering services are used.

Please note:

Face visors are not an equivalent protection and therefore not an alternative to a mouth-nose cover!

The distance rules of the general CoronaVO of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg are valid for Platformers' Days and must be observed. If there are no suitable physical anti-infection devices available, it is recommended that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other people be maintained. In order to facilitate compliance with the distance regulations on site, the precautions outlined under the point "What measures does the safety and hygiene concept of Platformers' Days include?" are taken.

In advance:

  • Provision of clearly structured leaflets of the protection and hygiene instructions to be observed at the exhibition stand for exhibitors and service partners of the exhibitors.
  • Visitors and exhibitors alike can obtain comprehensive information on the website.
  • Registered visitors will be informed of the rules and regulations again by means of a separate letter.

On site:

  • On highly visible static surfaces and frequently frequented contact points, footprints, suspensions from the ceiling, mirror stickers, posters as well as building fence banners, covers and warning boards are attached to barrier grids and flags, which, with a clear visualisation and a friendly wording ("You are by far the best "), place the hygiene and distance rules to be observed on site.
  • In addition to the two centrally located trade fair management offices, trained staff will be available at various information points in the hall area and the open-air grounds.
  • In addition, a so-called "trouble counter" is part of the admission management. This will sound out visitors at the main entrance before the entrance of Platformer's Days and will be put into operation for information and verification purposes. It is also used to issue disposable masks at certain points free of charge.
  • The Safe-Expo-Guides will be permanently present on the exhibition area - for queries and to monitor compliance with safety and security precautions.
  • Digital output stations (including LED wall and digital pillars) in the hall area will be equipped with short videos. In addition, regular information announcements are made with additional reference to the Safe-Expo-Guides in use on site.

According to the CoronaVO for trade fairs in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the limitation of the number of persons is based on the spatial capacities and therefore the number of visitors present at the same time is calculated on the basis of the available exhibition space.

For the 25,000 m² exhibition area of Platformers' Days 2021, applying the legal requirements (1 person per 7 m² of accessible exhibition area) results in a maximum possible number of visitors of 3,571 per day, whereby persons of the organizer (Messe Karlsruhe incl. service providers) and the exhibitors (stand personnel incl. hostesses, exhibitors' service providers) can be disregarded. The ratio refers only to the visitors present on site.

With a possible tightening of the space and people ratio under the Corona VO fairs to 1 visitor for every 10 square feet of accessible space, there could be 2,500 visitors on the site at any one time.

At this point in time we assume with regard to the ticket system of RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE 2021 that

1. visitor tickets (in form of regularly purchased tickets as well as redeemed invitations to visit the trade fair free of charge) will be independent of the day.

2. there will be no visitor time slots.

3. there will be no limit to the number of invitations to visit the trade fair free of charge per exhibitor.

The CoronaVO trade fairs does not currently impose any restrictions on individual exhibition areas as long as the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained. The trade fair management ensures with active guidance that all persons present on the grounds comply with this requirement at all times.

All trade fair participants have already registered in advance via online registration, i.e. using their visitor ticket, exhibitor pass or service partner pass, in order to obtain access authorisation. The registration is a requirement for access to and stay on the exhibition grounds.

  • Visitors can only obtain their tickets in advance and online via the ticket shops of Platformers' Days. No tickets can be purchased on site.
  • Exhibitors will continue to receive exhibitor passes for the entire duration of the trade fair as well as for set-up and dismantling

The tickets, exhibitor and service partner passes are mobile and allow contactless access.

The recording of all essential personal information upon admission is intended to ensure that any necessary tracking of Category 1 contact persons can be carried out in accordance with the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute. We also recommend using the Corona-Warn-App of the Federal Government.

Please note: Personal data is collected for the purpose of tracing infection chains in connection with the COVID19 pandemic. The data will be stored for four weeks from the date of the event. Afterwards they will be deleted or de-stroyed (does not concern general data processing).

The catering areas of Platformers' Days are managed by the contractual partner of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, Gauls Catering GmbH & Co. KG. The design of the catering services is governed by the so-called "Gastronomy Guide", which was drawn up in accordance with the CoronaVO of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the CoronaVO trade fairs and the occupational health and safety standards for the catering industry, and will be adjusted accordingly in the event of updates.

The following is an outlook on the design of the catering services for Platformers' Days 2021:

  • Use of several decentralised catering areas on the open-air exhibition area (only commissioning of a coffee corner in the hall area).
  • Use of "plug-and-cook containers" for safe food distribution and as a natural "barrier" between service personnel and customer.
  • Food is served exclusively by service personnel (no self-service counters), with main meals being prepared and served directly to the guest or offered in small sealed units. As far as possible, open containers and haptic elements such as salt and pepper dispensers are avoided.
  • The service personnel wear face masks and gloves throughout (also in the production facilities).
  • Gauls Catering GmbH & Co. KG also works according to the principles of the "HACCP system", which specifically addresses possible hazards and their solution processes in dealing with food. The implementation of and adherence to the HACCP system must be documented and presented during inspections by the health authorities.
  • In the catering areas, an active guidance system is used analogous to the overall event, as well as the equalisation through predetermined waiting areas.
  • It is not necessary to wear a mouth-and-nose protection when eating or sitting at tables in these areas. If a person is not at their seat in the guest area, for example on the way to the table, to the toilet or to the serving unit, a mouth-and-nose protector must be worn.
  • In the catering units there is an obligation to register (e.g. via a QR code on the table).

If the planned evening event of Platformers' Days takes place, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will examine the proportionality of the event at short notice on the basis of the current legal basis and will then either adapt the concept to the requirements applicable at the time of the event or possibly cancel it.

The first-aid service is always present at events organised by Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre - from set-up to the entire duration of the trade fair to dismantling. The first-aid station is located at the main entrance West.

Paramedics treat medical emergencies directly on site. If necessary they are supported by the public rescue service. In addition, a hygiene officer is on site.

When arriving and departing by public transport, the applicable rules for local public transport apply: In Germany, masks are currently mandatory in vehicles and at stops.

For those arriving by car, the exhibition centre has a parking concept with sufficient parking facilities.

Fragen und Antworten für Besucher

Every visitor must register via Online Ticket Shop before the event. Either when purchasing a ticket or when redeem-ing an existing invitation to visit the trade fair free of charge. No tickets can be purchased on site. With the online registration (ticket purchase or redemption code) a full registration is made: This means that the essential personal data must be provided so that contact can be traced.

Thanks to the admission control system, information is always available on how many people are present at the exhibition centre. This creates the basis for maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 metres and ensures that contacts can be tracked.

We also recommend that you use the Corona-Warn-App of the German government.

Please note: Personal data is collected for the purpose of tracing chains of infection in connection with the COVID19 pandemic. The data will be stored for four weeks from the date of the event. Afterwards they will be deleted or de-stroyed (does not concern general data processing).

We will inform all our channels as soon as the Online Ticket Shop is available.

No digital formats are currently planned within the framework of Platformers' Days.

We ask all visitors and exhibitors to follow the following hygiene and safety standards:

  • Please do not shake hands.
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Please keep at least 1.5 m distance.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Please sneeze/cough into the crook of your arm.
  • Avoid contact of hands with eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Observe guidance systems and floor markings.
  • Avoid large crowds of people.

Fragen und Antworten für Aussteller

There are no special requirements for the stand design. In principle, it must be ensured that all persons on the stand are given the opportunity to maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other persons. The exhibitor is also responsible for ensuring that the applicable hygiene and behaviour measures are implemented and adhered to on the own stand area.

The AUMA recommendations for action for exhibitors with regard to structural aspects of the exhibition stand as well as flying constructions such as mobile pavilions and tent structures in open-air exhibition areas are based on the basic requirements of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre for stand construction concepts:

  • Planning of the exhibition stand including the visitor guidance, so that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between people can be maintained.
  • Guaranteed ventilation of the exhibition stand through the most open construction possible.
  • In the case of two-storey exhibition stands (including those in the form of containers or vehicles in the open-air exhibition area), the basement must be designed to be as open as possible in order to ensure sufficient air exchange.
  • Internal circulation areas and stairs (platforms, two-storey stands, etc.) must be designed in such a way that visitors and staff can maintain the minimum distance as far as possible.
  • Meeting and recreation rooms should also be sufficiently large with open ceilings so that the minimum distance can be maintained and sufficient air exchange can be guaranteed. It is advisable to demarcate areas of the stand that are to be used for longer customer discussions, to define an individual total number of permitted persons in advance and to regulate this by means of a regulated entrance. Seating groups should be planned in such a way that the minimum distance can be maintained here as well.
  • For product presentations, extensive areas are to be provided for spectators on the respective stand area. An adequately dimensioned spectator area should ensure that the traffic routes on the main and side aisles are kept clear.
  • Physical contact points such as counters, tables and door handles should be planned as sparingly as possible and the use of smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces should be taken into account.
  • Use of hygienic protective walls, e.g. at information counters, if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can-not be maintained.
  • Conference areas should be planned with sufficient dimensions and open ceilings to ensure sufficient air exchange.
  • Generous dimensioning of tables and seating so that the applicable minimum distance can be maintained, as well as reduction of the distances between tables and seat backs if screens such as partitions are used between the tables.
  • Sufficient disinfectant must be kept available at the stand for the exhibitor's employees and service providers. Furthermore, it is recommended that visitors also have the opportunity to disinfect their hands, e.g. by means of disinfectant dispensers (bookable via the Online Service Centre of Platformers' Days).

The exhibitor service is happy to assist you with advice.

According to CoronaVO trade fairs, there is no legal basis for specifying this. AUMA's recommendation for action states that physical contact points at the exhibition stand, such as counters, tables and door handles, should be planned as sparingly as possible and that the use of surfaces which are easy to wipe should be planned.

In order to ensure regulated access to the stand and to support visitor guidance on the stand area, markings can be used in the direction of movement. In addition, it can be ensured that the minimum distance of 1.5 metres is main-tained at all times on the stand area. General aisles may not be used as waiting areas.

Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre will equip the general, permanently installed trade fair furniture such as information counters and counters with Plexiglas panels.

No, this is not necessary. The basis for the protection of all persons involved in the exhibition is the hygiene and prevention concept of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre.

There is no need to calculate the maximum number of people allowed at a stand, as the general rules of distance and hygiene must be observed. The "7:1" rule as a requirement for a maximum number of visitors permitted per day must also be considered for the entire event area and does not apply to the stand space. Likewise, no fixed seating and standing room regulations must be observed at the stand space. Separate access restrictions (e.g. entrance or exit concept) are also not required.

However, the safety distance of at least 1.5 metres must be maintained and thus sufficient space must be provided for all persons on the stand to comply with the distance regulation. In the event of non-compliance at the stand spaced, e.g. during a sales talk lasting longer than 15 minutes, the persons present are obliged to register (see also the item "How is a visitor contact at the stand recorded?").

During their stay on the entire grounds of the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, persons aged six years and over must wear a non-medical everyday mask or a comparable mouth and nose cover. There is no obligation if this is unreasonable for medical or other compelling reasons, or when using catering services.

Exhibitors are responsible for compliance with official regulations and the applicable technical guidelines on the stand area and the related activities of stand personnel. When training staff, it is important to ensure that they are fully informed about the hygiene guidelines (minimum distance, mouth and nose protection, regular hand washing, no physical contact...).

Visitors who initially only want to look around the stand do not need to be registered separately. All they have to do is register for the trade fair by purchasing an online ticket or redeeming an invitation to visit the fair free of charge.

Please note:

As soon as there is a direct communication at the stand

  • WITHOUT mouth-nose cover,
  • where the distance is less than the minimum distance of 1.5 metres
  • or that lasts longer than 15 minutes,

the contact details and the presence of the contact person at the stand must be recorded separately by the exhibitor. It is sufficient here if one of the circumstances already applies.

This can either be done using a digital recording tool such as a QR code, which Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre is happy to provide, or manually, e.g. by means of a list or business card. An overview of the various recording options is available to exhibitors in the Online Service Center (OSC) at an early stage.

The retention period of 4 weeks must be guaranteed and the attendance lists must be made available to the public health department on request. Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre reserves the right to carry out random checks on attendance lists in order to comply with its duty of care as organiser and operator.

Depending on the regulations in force at the time of the fair, it may be necessary for visitors to register on the day of the fair.

All employees and service providers must be recorded by name by the exhibitor on a daily basis (including during assembly and dismantling). To ensure the traceability of possible chains of infection, it is currently still absolutely necessary to record the first and last name, address, date and period of presence as well as telephone number, regardless of set-up and dismantling times and the time of the event.

The retention period of 4 weeks must be guaranteed and the attendance lists must be made available to the public health department on request. Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre reserves the right to carry out random checks of attendance lists in order to comply with its duty of care as organiser and operator. A sample of an attendance list will be available for download in the Online Service Center (OSC) in good time.

Catering at the exhibition stand is permitted. It is also permitted to provide catering at the stand itself. The regulations for catering apply to all forms of catering. Further information can be found under the point "What rules apply to gastronomic offers on the premises?“

In principle the following applies:

  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained.
  • It is recommended that food is only handed out in packaged form; portioned packaging is also required for sugar, salt, pepper, sauces, etc.
  • Open food and drinks may only be served by stand personnel (no self-service).
  • If staff members serve food or beverages at the stand, they should be instructed to observe the infection protection measures and receive appropriate training (distance regulation, avoidance of direct contact, additional cleaning intervals, etc.).
  • Please use either packed disposable cutlery or machine-washed reusable cutlery.
  • If stand catering is offered, the exhibitor must record the contact details and the presence of the contact persons present at the stand separately.

When planning a catering area with unpackaged food, we strongly recommend that a professional caterer be hired. This caterer must comply with all hygiene regulations. Here you can, for example, make direct contact with the contractual partner of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre, Gauls Catering GmbH & Co. KG, for advice and / or a quotation:

Gauls Catering GmbH & Co. KG | Contact person: Michael Kahl

Phone: +49 6131 906880


Counters, tables and also (machine) exhibits used on the stand should be disinfected regularly and at short intervals during the trade fair. It is also recommended that disinfection stands be placed all around the exhibits. In seating areas and at tables reserved for the consumption of food and beverages, disinfectant wiping should be carried out after every guest change. In addition, a daily basic disinfection should be carried out before the start of the fair or after the fair has ended.

In the case of product demonstrations in front of groups, care must be taken to ensure that it is possible for visitors to maintain the distances. For demonstrations at the stand, it is recommended that the outlined structural measures be implemented and Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre provides a service offer that can be booked accordingly.

It is recommended to use more digital offers instead of flyers and brochures. If possible, haptic advertising materials should be distributed by stand personnel from brochure stands that are not open to the public. Basically, care should be taken to ensure that brochures and give-aways cannot be touched by more than one person. The distribution or receipt of brochures and give-aways should therefore be as direct as possible. If this is only possible under certain circumstances, hands should be disinfected before or after viewing the article.

Disinfectant dispensers are set up at all essential points in the area. In addition to this, the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre recommends that hand disinfectants should also be available at the exhibitors' stands - especially in the entrance area - in order to ensure safe hand hygiene for all participants.

Exhibitors will be able to use the Online Service Center of Platformers' Days to book not only disinfectant dispensers and plexiglas panels, but also the service of daily stand disinfection.

The frequency of the cleaning intervals does not apply to the exhibitor and is therefore not carried out by Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre on the stand areas. Accordingly, regular disinfection of the exhibition stands and the surfaces, storage surfaces, tables and demonstration products on them is recommended at the discretion of the exhibitor and depending on the number of visitors.

Furthermore, a contact person at the stand should be appointed as the person responsible for the observance of hygiene measures and should be permanently available as a contact person for the exhibition management.

Exhibitors can book disinfectant dispensers and plexiglass letters as well as the service of a daily stand disinfection via the Online Service Center of Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre.

The general regulations of the CoronaVO Baden-Wuerttemberg also apply as a supplement to the technical guide-lines during the construction and dismantling phases. In concrete terms, the following points must be observed:

  • As far as possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained between people during all work.
  • Irrespective of this, a mouth-and-nose cover must also be worn during assembly and dismantling.
  • Form small, fixed teams both during the activity and when travelling in vehicles, as well as during breaks.
  • Exhibitors and their contracted service providers are also obliged to keep separate daily records of their staff during assembly and dismantling.
  • All employees must be informed about SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standards. It must be ensured that all employees have understood the instructions. This applies in particular to the distance and hygiene rules.

The invoice for the stand rent and ancillary costs (marketing package, service fee, AUMA fee) will be issued after receipt of the stand confirmation and information on the final placement and is due in full after invoicing.

Any additional services used (stand construction, furniture, etc.) will be invoiced approx. 2 weeks after the event.

Registration for Platformers' Days 2021 is initially free of charge. With the official admission to the trade fair, a legally valid contract is concluded between the exhibitor and Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. Participation can be cancelled free of charge up to two weeks after receipt of the official admission.

In general: If participation in Platformers' Days 2021 is cancelled independently of an official cancella-tion by the trade fair, the full cost of the stand rental including incidental costs will be charged in accordance with the "Special Conditions of Participation" from two weeks after admission.

COVID-19 will be with us longer. Nobody knows reliably what the next months will bring. As the organisers, we are preparing for various scenarios, taking into account all valid regulations, in order to be able to safely carry out Platformers' Days 2021.

If, contrary to expectations, we as organisers have to cancel the trade fair due to official orders or unimplementable requirements, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre has already proven its partnership-based solutions several times in the past. It is possible to change the existing exhibitor registration to a new term. Alternatively, the contract concluded with Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre can be cancelled.

No matter how: Together with you we will find a solution!

In Zusammenarbeit und enger Abstimmung mit den zuständigen Ordnungsämtern haben wir Schutz- und Sicherheitskonzepte entwickelt, die bei allen Veranstaltungen angewendet werden und für die unser Safexpo Siegel steht.

Gerade jetzt, in Zeiten immenser wirtschaftlicher Herausforderungen, ist es uns ein Anliegen, noch näher mit Ihnen zusammenzurücken. Einmal mehr zeigt sich dabei, dass wir als verlässlicher und flexibler Partner an Ihrer Seite sind.

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