Stand out from the crowd

For a successful trade fair appearance, choose the presentation area that suits you best from various stand concepts.

Would you like to present your equipment and machinery in operation? Then attractive stand areas with optimal exhibition conditions are available to you in the outdoor area.

Alternatively, choose the directly connected hall area to showcase your products and services in a light-flooded hall atmosphere.

Are you looking for additional presence on the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre grounds to round off your trade fair presentation perfectly? Get additional visibility with the help of selected marketing concepts.

Outdoor exhibition space

Ready for action! Your equipment and machines inspire with action? You are allowed to touch them, you even want to climb on them? Then let's get out there and get high!

The benefints of the outdoor exhibition space

  • Versatile exhibition spaces with option for demonstrations
  • Excellent ground conditions with largely asphalted or reinforced surface
  • Secured access for convenient delivery
  • Circular visitor management ensures that visitors will not miss you

Indoor stand space

Right in the middle of the action - that's what you're looking for? In the heart of an ultra-modern, light-flooded and air-conditioned hall area, we create the perfect exhibition atmosphere for you.

The ingenious visitor guidance system sees the hall area as a welcome entrance for visitors and exhibitors.

The benefits of the hall area

  • Bright, modern and clearly structured hall area with strong load-bearing surface, cutting-edge technology and access to main entrance
  • Gross surface area of 2,000 m² for exhibition, daytime catering and evening events
  • Additional high-visibility product placement spaces in front of the hall area for greater profile

More advertising options to boost your presence

More space, more demo & more on-site presence

We offer a range of dynamic and static advertising options, covering both digital and traditional channels, that we can tailor to your needs.
We would be happy to advise and support you.

Product placements

Draw full attention through a product placement in a prominent position and stand out from your competitors. Whether right in front of the main entrance of the Platformers' Days or in the hall and catering area, directly on the visitor walkways towards the outdoor area - with a product placement no one can avoid you!

"Rough Terrain" action area

Ensure your participation in the so-called "Rough Terrain" and show your equipment and machines in real working use on impassable terrain. This is the only place where you can prove the strength of your "real guys" in action on different subsoils with different gradients.

Special show "Elektro-Park"

Present your latest machine technology as one of 6 electrical innovations in the special show "Elektro-Park". Your customers will experience the advantages of your electric or hybrid devices, machines and vehicles up close and personal. Supported by attractive advertising boards, core messages and advantages can be emphasized again.

Additional sponsoring options

Find more attractive sponsoring opportunities here so that no participant at the Platformers' Days 2021 will miss you!

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